Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama's Liecntenstien Doctrine


Superstar Al Walser meets with presidential hopeful!


With the phenomenal success of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, the tiny alpine country of Liechtenstein has sent their first bi-racial ambassador of goodwill to America. Al Walser has met with Obama to discuss how the two men's bi-racial background has been received in several different American states and in other countries.

Walser shared his own experiences as a bi-racial music and dance celebrity, and explained how ignorance can lead to false presumptions. Walser detailed how his own country of Liechtenstein is unfairly seen as a tax haven used for money laundering by Americans who do not want to pay taxes or who obtain money through illegal means. Walser would like the help of a President Obama in reinventing the small country's image as all of America 's good friend. Walser is encouraging Obama if elected to make his first official trip to his country of Liechtenstein .

Lichtenstein has only 35,000 residents, but Walser says the candidate is considering an official visit if elected to show that like individual citizens, small countries matter and have a crucial role in creating the "change" that the Obama administration believes in.

The meetings have captured the attention of another famous American! Talk show host Jay Leno has invited Al Walser to The Tonight Show to share insight and stories of his country and his hope of improving relations between the two countries and relationships between races.

Walser came into the spotlight when pop star Michael Jackson was searching for a family home in Liechtenstein. Walser's work as an artist and Goodwill Ambassador has been generating a lot of buzz in the U.S. bringing him into constant contact with high profile celebrities, politicians and business people. Al Walser is quickly surpassing celebrities in Internet searches on popular sites such as youtube, itunes, and myspace.

KLEOPATRA GIRL'S RINGSIDE REPORT: The Principality of Liechtenstein 'Good Will Ambassador' Al Walser hosts an intimate party @ Joseph’s in Hollywood.

Ever heard of Liechtenstein? Well, I hadn’t till I met Al Walser, singer/actor/radio personality and “Goodwill Ambassador” of a country that’s famous for banking.

Since Al came to LA, he’s made quite an impact with his family crest, background and mystique. When you see him, you really don’t know what he is, Jewish, Persian, Arab, Italian, French? Anything goes.

But his background is basic, black and white and he’s very proud of his multi-ethnic heritage. His music is Pop/Urban/R&B and he sings like a brotha’ from the hood. Al Walser’s disposition however, is very international and that’s how he operates. He likes mixing it up.

His recent CD release party held at Joseph’s, a predominantly Persian/Armenian hangout, was the perfect venue to entertain an international diverse crowd.

Isa Hall, Al Walser and Amir Shain represented a masala mix of young people

Joseph’s exterior is all white and looks like a mini Mediterranean villa. Inside the ambiance is very Mid-Eastern/Spanish with Moroccan lamps. The rooftop of the VIP section is draped with a canopy and ornate iron works serve as door treatments giving it an Andaluse feel.

On this night there was a diverse crowd. Johnny V from the Scott Baio show dropped in as well as Ernest Thomas (Everybody Hates Chris), R&B Soul singer UNE’ (a strong Obama supporter who recently penned a new song inspired by the hope of the country), comedian/actor Big Leroy Mobley who was showing off his new twist and locks hair style (I almost didn’t recognize him. Last year he was neon-bright pimped out zoot suited to the max with matching hat). Also on the arrivals list was the somewhat controversial

Tommy Rae (Mrs. James Brown) invited UNE' to her upcoming performance at the Whiskey A Go Go. They chatted music-talk a good deal of the evening

Tommy Rae (Mrs. James Brown), who by the way is absolutely stunning in person. They were just some of the celebrity guests at Walser’s party. Co-CEO of ISA PR, Isa Hall showed up with his good friend Amir. Their names and looks blended in perfectly among the masala group of young people mostly in their early to mid twenties.

Up and coming media personality and honorary bro’ EZ (What U Need TV) was taking over the party with his video crew that included his dad as camera operator. Together they zoomed in on the entire goings on in each and every area of the club. EZ was high on party fun and grabbed my hand twirling me around. I can’t believe I let him do that.

EURweb's Kleopatra Girl (Eugenia Wright) thought Big Leroy Mobley's twist and locks were Egyptian chic. She recommended he try a little Bianca's Botanicals Twist & Locks butter on his new do.

I took a moment to talk with Al a little about how the perception of others thinking he’s just a rich kid in Hollywood, affects him. He assured me that he is grounded in who he is and just proud of his lineage and wants to represent his country well. He also told me that he recently had a chance to meet Barack Obama and you could see the gleam in his eye as he was speaking about this chance encounter. I have to say that Al’s posture and demeanor is very down to earth and he doesn’t put on airs. I have seen him at events before and he’s just very low-keyed even though he could probably buy out the place. He’s an attractive guy with a non-threatening lean physique, which plays out big on camera. On this night he was wearing his own clothing line, pinkish lavender shirt and jeans. Al reminds me of a young Sinatra or la Lopez’ Mark Anthony.

After the usual meet and greets and scouting about for celebs to talk to, I found a nice cozy spot next to a water fountain that suited me just fine. Listening to the trickling droplets provided quick freshing breaks from the party's high volume reverb.

Al Walser’s intimate red carpet party was a fun and energetic affair with lots of gorgeous young people to look at in a beautiful setting.

Photo Credits: Vinni Ratcliff

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