Sunday, February 17, 2008

Al Walser Bio

AL WALSER -SINGER/SONGWRITER. Real name Alexander Walser-Rothschild ( first biracial Liechtenstein citizen ) Al grew up in the Principality of Liechtenstein (64 square miles), an independant alpine paradise bordering Switzerland and Austria, where he is one of the 22`000 true citizens.(current population as of 2007 is 34`800 people) Liechtenstein is often referred to as being the Jewel at the pulse of Europe.Al speaks fluent English, German, French and of course the German based Schwitzerduetch/Liechtenstein dialects. In his teen days he became the first radio personalty ( radio liechtenstein ) in his home country. The former Fun Factory member (Al recorded the bands hit albums`The Next Generation` and ” ABC of music “) left the band after numerous number 1 hits in Asia and Europe to now more focus on his solo endouvers. Check out Al’s promo single “African Queen” . Also available on Itunes or Pictures from the video “African Queen”

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